Pastor Chris Stone announces the release of his new book entitled "DATING TO MATE THE BIBLICAL WAY - A Guide To Christian Courtship". In this book He talks to you in a practical way about how to know if you are ready to be married or if the person you are attracted to is your future spouse.

Chris Stone maps out a comprehensive plan to help Christian singles reach the destination of holy matrimony in their journey of dating.

Stone explains

  • What is dating?
  • Why should Christians date?
  • How to know if you are ready to begin dating?
  • Qualities every Christian man or woman should look for in a potential spouse.
    ...and much more practical advice!

Stone also includes the Ten Biblical Commandments of Dating that will help any Christian couple be more successful in their relationship.


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Chris Stone is the Pastor and Founder of Love Fellowship Church of Burlington, North Carolina and Open Door Fellowship of Pittsboro, North Carolina. He remains actively involved in the ministry of Evangel Fellowship Church and is submitted to the leadership of Dr. Otis Lockett Sr. as a covenant pastor of the Evangel Word Ministry of Greensboro, NC and the International Fellowship of Ministries.

He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a degree in Public Administration. He also completed graduate studies at UNC-Greensboro in Counseling Education and Marriage & Family Counseling.

Pastor Stone and his wife, Nadine, were married on May 22, 1993. They reside in Burlington, NC with their four beautiful daughters: Latisha, Christina, Christal, and Princess.

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